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North American XF-108 Rapier

F-108A Rapier was last fighter from North American Aviation.
Project for a Mach 3+ long-range interceptor. Planned for XB-70 Valkyrie escort. Large delta wing, two G.E. J93 engines. Cancelled in September 1959.
General characteristics
Power plant Two General Electric J93-GE-3AR turbojet
Thrust with afterburner 30,027 lb 133.6 kN
Wingspan 57.4 ft 17.50 m
Length 89 ft 27.12 m
Height 20.7 ft 6.32 m
Max. speed 1,980 mph 3,186 km/h
Ceiling 80,050 ft 24,400 m
Initial climb rate 18,000 ft/min 5,486 m/min
Range combat 1,020 miles 1,641 km
maximum 2,485 miles 4,000 km
Weight empty 50,905 lb 23,090 kg
combat 76,125 lb 34,530 kg
maximum 102,540 lb 46,510 kg
Armament 3x AIM Hughes GAR-9 Falcon

Jirka Wagner


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