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Vought SB2U Vindicator

The SB2U combined biplane technology with a monoplane layout. It was a very important advance for the USN when it entered service, but already obsolete in 1940. Some were nevertheless used in WWII, with little success. The additional weight of combat equipment had very adverse effects on the performance of the SB2U.
General characteristics SB2U-1
Primary function dive bomber
Power plant One Pratt&Whitney R-1535-96 engine
Thrust 818 HP 610 kW
Wingspan 42 ft 12.80 m
Length 34 ft 10.36 m
Height 10.2 ft 3.12 m
Speed 250 mph 402 km/h
Ceiling 27,400 ft 8,350 m
Range 1,000 miles 1,610 km
Armament 2x 7.62mm machine gun, 454 kg bombs
Crew Two
Date deployed 1937

Pictures of Vindicator´s camouflages

Jirka Wagner


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