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Bristol Beaufort

Twin-engined torpedo bomber, based on Blenheim experience (more heavy, because crew was four men). It was the standard torpedo bomber from 1940 until 1943, but was never considered a really successful type (but attacked also German battle cruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau). From 1939 built also in Australia with Pratt&Whitney Twin Wasp engines (1,200 HP) - succesful by attacks before Japanese ships.

General characteristics Beaufort Mk. I
Primary function Torpedo aircraft
Power plant Two Bristol Taurus VI 14cylinder radial engines
Thrust 2x 1,130 HP 2x 843 kW
Wingspan 57.8 ft 17.63 m
Length 44.16 ft 13.46 m
Height 14.2 ft 4.34 m
Wingarea 503 sq ft 46.73 sq m
Weight empty 13,100 lb 5,945 kg
max. 21,230 lb 9,630 kg
Speed max. 265 mph 426 km/h
armed 225 mph 362 km/h
Ceiling 16,500 ft 5,030 m
Range 1,600 mi 2,575 km
Armament typical 4x 7.7mm machine gun; 1x 18in torpedo or up to 907 kg bombs
Crew Four
First flight 15.10.1938
Date deployed 1939
Number built 2,080 (incl. 700 in Australia)
Users GB, Australia, Turkey

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