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Bristol Buckingham

Designed as a fast, light twin-engined bomber. Delivery was delayed because the engines were unavailable. Handling was poor, and performance unimpressive. The operational need for them had disappeared when they were delivered. The Buckingham was mainly used as fast transport.

General characteristics Buckingham B Mk.I
Primary function Light bomber
Power plant Two Bristol Centaurus VII engines
Thrust 2x 2,521 HP 2x 1,880 kW
Wingspan 71.8 ft 21.89 m
Length 46.8 ft 14.27 m
Height 17.5 ft 5.33 m
Wingarea 708 sq ft 65.77 sq m
Weight empty 24,040 lb 10,905 kg
max. 38,050 lb 17,259 kg
Speed 330 mph 531 km/h
Ceiling 25,000 ft 7,620 m
Range 3,180 mi 5,118 km
Armament 10x 7.7mm machine gun; 1,814 kg bombs
Crew Four
Date deployed 1944
Number built 123

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