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Hawker Tempest

Development of the Typhoon with a new, thinner wing, a longer fuselage, and an all-round vision canopy. Finding a satisfactory engine proved to be a problem, but some 400 Tempest Mk. Vs were built with a Napier Sabre II engine before the war ended, and these proved to be excellent all-round fighters. The Tempest II (Bristol Centaurus) and Tempest VI (Sabre VI) were post-war developments.

Detailed history of Typhoon and Tempest

General characteristics Tempest Mk.V
Primary function Fighter
Power plant One Napier Sabre II engine
Thrust 2,180 HP 1,626 kW
Wingspan 41 ft 12.50 m
Length 33.66 ft 10.26 m
Height 16.1 ft 4.90 m
Wingarea 302 sq ft 28.06 sq m
Weight empty 9,100 lb 4,128 kg
max. 13,515 lb 6,130 kg
Speed 428 mph 688 km/h
Initial climb rate 3,000 ft/min 914 m/min
Ceiling 37,000 ft 11,280 m
Range 740 mi 1,191 km
Armament 4x 20mm cannon; 8x rockets or 907 kg bombs
Crew One
First flight prototype 2.9.1942
Date deployed June 1943
Number built 800 (Mk.V)
1418 (all wersions incl. postwar)
Users GB, New Zealand

Jirka Wagner


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