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Westland Whirlwind

A small, fast twin-engined fighter, one of the first to be armed with four 20mm cannon. The Whirlwind was a fine fighter that could combat single-engined fighters with success. It had the misfortune that the development and production of the R.R. Peregrine engine was halted, and no alternative was available. The Whirlwind was tailored to this engine and the original specification. When the Hurricane and Spitfire proved to be able to carry the 20mm cannon, and the Beaufighter filled in the heavy fighter role, interest in the Whirlwind faded.  It served in small numbers as fighter-bomber.

General characteristics Whirlwind Mk. IA
Primary function Fighter
Power plant Two Rolls-Royce Peregrine I
Thrust 2x 885 HP 2x 660 kW
Wingspan 45 ft 13.72 m
Length 32.25 ft 9.83 m
Wingarea 250 sq ft 23.22 sq m
Weight empty 8,310 lb 3,768 kg
max. 11,410 lb 5,175 kg
Speed 360 mph 580 km/h
Ceiling 30,315 ft 9,240 m
Range max. 808 mi 1,300 km
Armament 4x 20mm cannon; 453 kg bombs
Crew One
Date deployed 1940
Number built 116

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