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ARTHUR WLS (weapon locating system)

Saab Microwave Systems (former Ericsson Microwave Systems AB)

posted by Robert Schlesinger

ARTHUR (ARTillery Hunting Radar) is the artillery weapon locating system for maneuver forces and peace support operations. The main mission of the ARTHUR WLS is to protect own forces by detecting and locating enemy artillery.

ARTHUR is a highly mobile medium range weapon locating system (WLS) integrated on a single vehicle. The ARTHUR system can rapidly be air lifted by C-130 Hercules and helicopters, making ARTHUR the leading weapon locating system for light forces and Peace Support Operations.

Main components

ARTHUR WLS (weapon locating system) was developed by Ericsson to perform as the core element of a brigade or division level Counter Battery Sensor System. Together with a highly developed air-defense capability, the ability to suppress the enemy artillery is the key to maintain a Freedom of Maneuver on the battlefield.

ARTHUR is just as useful to surveillance a peace treaty in a Peace Support Operation, as it is effective in an active Counter Battery Operation. The tactical flexibility of ARTHUR allows it to be a stand-alone medium range WLR or a long-range weapon locating system, consisting of two to four radars working co-ordinated.

This flexibility enables the system to maintain a constant surveillance of an Area of Interest in a highly mobile and fragmented battlefield. ARTHUR is in full-scale series production and the system is continuously improved, based on the feedback from our customers.

Also in 2002 Ericsson has received an order the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense. The systems were delivered in 2004. The order is worth 50 million Euro.

Four units were ordered by British Royal Marines for their Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Radar program (MAMBA). With the ARTHUR systems an extensive Company Logistics Support Agreement for at least 5 years is provided and an option for additional units is included.

In 2004 Ericsson Microwave Systems AB has via Ericsson Czech Republic received an order of three ARTHUR. The order also includes a classroom trainer and Contractor Logistic Support. The contract is for 3 pieces, total value of 50mil EUR.
ARTHUR will be mounted to the Czech trucks Tatra 815 26WR45 4x4.
Arturs should appear in the Czech Army service since 2009.



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