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Boeing CH-46D/E Sea Knight

posted by Jiri Wagner

The CH-46D Sea Knight is a medium lift assault helicopter, primarily used to move cargo and troops.

The CH-46D Sea Knight helicopter is used by the Navy for shipboard delivery of cargo and personne. The CH-46E is used by the Marine Corps to provide all-weather, day-or-night assault transport of combat troops, supplies and equipment. Troop assault is the primary function and the movement of supplies and equipment is secondary. Additional tasks may be assigned, such as combat support, search and rescue, support for forward refueling and rearming points, aeromedic evacuation of casualties from the field and recovery of aircraft and personnel.

The CH-46 Sea Knight was first procured in 1964 to meet the medium-lift requirements of the Marine Corps in all combat and peacetime environments since that time. The Sea Knight fleet is currently being maintained until a suitable replacement is approved.

General characteristics (type D)

Primary function Medium lift assault helicopter
Contractor Boeing Vertol Company
Power plant Two GE-T58-16 engines
Thrust 2x 1,346 HP 2x 1,004 kW
Length with rotor folded 45 ft 8 in 13.9 m
Length with rotors spread 84 ft 4 in 25.7 m
Width with rotors spread 51 ft 15.54 m
Height 16 ft 8 in 5.,09 m
Weight empty 12,846 lb 5,827 kg
max. takeoff 23,000 lb 10,433 kg
Range max. cargo 236 miles 380 km
land assault 152 miles 244 km
Speed max. 168 mph 270 km/h
cruising 154 mph 248 km/h
Ceiling 13,993 ft 4,265 m
Initial climb rate 27.9 ft/s 8.5 m/s
Crew Four (pilot, copilot, crew chief, mechanic)
Payload Combat: max. of 22 troops and two aerial gunners
Medical evacuation: 15 litters, two attendants
Cargo: 5,000 lb 2,270 kg
Introduction date January 1978



Zdroj: U.S.Navy Photograph (Helicopter Combat Support Squadron Eleven HC-11)


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