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Boeing CH-47 Chinook

posted by Jiri Wagner

Development of the medium lift Boeing Vertol (models 114 and 414) CH-47 Series Chinook began in 1956. Since then, the effectiveness of the Chinook has been continually upgraded by successive product improvements, the CH-47A, CH-47B, CH-47C, and CH-47D.

CH-47A, first delivered for use in Vietnam in 1962, is a tandem-rotor medium transport helicopter. The Chinook's primary mission is moving artillery, ammunition, personnel, and supplies on the battlefield. It also performs rescue, MedEvac, parachuting, and aircraft recovery.

CH-47D was the result of June 1976 contract for a modernized Chinook. Three airframes, CH-47A, CH-47B, and a CH-47C, were stripped-down to their basic airframes and then rebuilt with improved systems to provide three CH-47D prototypes. Improvements included upgraded power plants, rotor transmissions, integral lubrication and cooling for the transmission systems, and fiberglass rotor blades. Other improvements included a redesigned cockpit to reduce pilot workload, redundant and improved electrical systems, modularized hydraulic systems, an advanced flight control system, and improved avionics. The Chinook has two tandem three-bladed counter-rotating fiberglass rotors. The CH-47D is powered by two Allied Signal Engines T55-L-712 3750 shp turboshaft engines.

The CH-47D was rolled-out in March 1979. The CH-47D carrys twice the load of a CH-47A and has improved performance. The CH-47D can operate at night and in nearly all weather conditions. The Chinook can accommodate a wide variety of internal payloads, including vehicles, artillery pieces or personnel.


General characteristics

Primary function Two rotors medium lift assault helicopter
Contractor Boeing Vertol Company
Power plant Two Avco Lycoming T55-L-712 turboshafts
Thrust 2x 3,750 HP 2x 2,796 kW
Fuselage length 51 ft 15,54 m
Height 18.63 ft 5.68 m
Rotor diameter 60 ft 18.29 m
Weight empty 23,094 lb 10,475 kg
max. takeoff 50,000 lb 22,680 kg
Speed max. 181 mph 291 km/h
cruising 159 mph 256 km/h
Initial climb rate 22.3 ft/s 6.8 m/s
Range 115 miles 185 km
Ceiling 22,100 ft 6,735 m
Crew Two or three
Accommodation Up to 44 troops, 24 stretchers and 2 attendants, vehicles or freight. A sling load of 28,000lb (12,700kg) is possible as a flying crane.
Armament Can be equipped with two door mounting M60D 7.62mm machine guns on the M24 armament subsystem and a ramp mounting M60D using the M41 armament subsystem.

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