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AIM-4 Falcon

The missiles mounted inside the weapons bays of this F-102 are Hughes AIM-4D "Falcons," guided by an infrared (heat-seeking) homing system. In 1955, the AIM-4 Falcon became the USAF's first operational air-to-air guided weapon. Additional armament consists of 24 2.75-inch folding fin unguided "Mighty Mouse" rockets, two in each of 12 tubes located inside the weapons bay doors. These rockets are partially visible at the forward ends of the doors.
The weapons bays on both sides open evenly together; to show both the open and closed configurations on display, only the right side is fully open to firing position.
General characteristics
Primary function Guided short-range missile
Contractor Hughes
Power plant raketový motor na pevné palivo Morton Thiokol M-46.
Thrust 4,429 lb 19.7 kN
Wingspan 23.6 in 0.6 m
Length 7.22 ft 2.2 m
Diameter 7.9 in 20 cm
Launch weight 152 lb 69 kg
Max. speed 2,113 mph 3,400 km/h
Max. range 5.6 miles 9 km
Guidance Semi-active radar or passive infra-red homing (AIM-4G)

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