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Douglas B-19

The huge XB-19 long-range bomber was a too demanding concept for the technology of its time. It was underpowered and too vulnerable. Only one was built. The XB-19A was, despite its B-letter, a freighter conversion of the bomber prototype. The R-3350 engines were replaced with Allison V-3420's, all armament was removed, and the fuselage rearranged. It was then operated in a transport role during WWII under the designation XB-19A.
General characteristics XB-19
Primary function Long-range heavy bomber
Power plant Four Wright R-3350-5 Cyclone engines (four Allison V-3420-11 inline engines)
Thrust Wright 4x 2,000 HP 4x 1,491 kW
Allison 4x 2,600 HP 4x 1,940 kW
Wingspan 212 ft 64.62 m
Weight max. 162,000 lb 73,480 kg
Speed max. 209 mph 336 km/h
cruising 186 mph 299 km/h
Armament 2x 37mm cannon, 5x 12.7mm and 6x 7.62mm machine guns; 16,830 kg bombs
Crew Sixteen
First flight June 27, 1941
Number built 1

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